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Black Sun Empire & State of Mind - The Violent Five

Black Sun Empire & State of Mind – The Violent Five

Black Sun Empire & State of Mind - The Violent Five

At the moment, Blackout is one of the main providers of heavy dancefloor material in Drum & Bass, there is no doubt about that. Since 2013, the label never ceased to amaze with the quality of its material, but how can it be the other way with the legendary Black Sun Empire being at the head? Their rich experience allowed them to create an imprint that was destined to be a success since day one. Every release had an enormous amount of support from all the biggest names as well as thousands of fans around the globe and it only got better with time. They put out releases from well-known neurofunk veterans and kept introducing us to the new promising producers. Thus, Black Sun Empire proved how good they are at running the label, but what about their music?

Well, it’s been almost a year since their last EP, but you can still hear it everywhere, the clubs crave their music. Until The World Ends EP has ended up being a perfect dancefloor material – it’s stylish, massive and full of energy. But now the famous trio finally unleashes their newest creation, written with their lifelong allies on the neuro battlefields – State of Mind. The Violent Five is back and you better brace yourself to what’s coming.

6 action-packed tunes have already demolished a good bunch of clubs and now they are about to hit the stores. “Pull The Trigger” sets off the release to a great start with its blown out of proportion stomping drums and classic rough basslines, that made State of Mind as big as they are right now. “Skin Crawler” with Tiki on vocals demonstrates the ill nature of Five’s intentions – the track’s force is growing stronger with every second, reaching its peak as the nasty second drop approaches and smashes everything to bits. It gets much crazier as we get to “Kill That Noise” that throws a drum break right in your face and keeps building it up,  smashing you off your feet at the drop with a furious combination of hyperspeed drums and old-school digital synths. An absolute beast named “Thug” gave us the first taste of the upcoming release, when it landed earlier this year and this tune alone is capable of setting the whole place on fire; it’s what we love to call a “banger”. Last, but not the least we’ve got “Twisted Up” and “The Cleaner” that are more of a rolling nature and will make you move to their compelling irresistable groove.

The Violent Five EP by Black Sun Empire & State Of Mind is completely ruthless and makes a perfect successor to their last EP, so be ready for these tunes to go viral.

Release Date: 11 March (Beatport) / 25 March (Worldwide)

Label: Blackout Music NL

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