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Borderline - Momentus / Poisonous Remix

Borderline – Momentus / Poisonous Remix

Borderline - Momentus / Poisonous Remix

New Zealand’s Borderline is one of those producers, who really love to do things differently to an extent, when you can clearly distinguish his unique vibe. While we are witnessing a total obsession on the neurofunk scene when it comes to getting the cleanest sound possible, there are still players on the field who are ignoring this overproduction trend and obliterate the clubs with their true to the game gritty sound, Borderline being one of the prime examples. His single on Trendkill remains one of the best releases of 2015 that people just won’t stop listening to, because it remains fresh no matter how many times you rinse it on your player. Now the man is ready to unleash his next big thing on the neighboring label Project 51 with the filth master Gridlok in charge. Borderline and Project 51 sound like a match made in heavens and as we go deeper into the release, this statement will only get more cogent.

We open up with a solo tune called “Momentus” and it’s build up does all the right things to make you feel that some proper nastiness is about to hit your ears. The drop is as crunchy as never before, the bouncy bassline paired up with rolling drums will get you moving at a moment’s notice and the thoughtfull drop progression makes sure you won’t get bored by switching the hardest bits with deeper ones, giving you a chance to admire and explore every layer of the track. What’s it with New Zealanders always delivering some of the finest D&B smashers out there?

But it doesn’t end there. On the flipside we’ve got some out of this world remix business. Borderline’s remix of “Who Run It” has made some real noise, but now it feels like it used to be a warm-up to prepare us for the real bomb that was about to drop later. This time he’s got his hands on the monstrous collab of Gridlok & Prolix “Poisonous” and basically took it to a whole new level. No doubt, this one was made exclusively to melt people’s faces. The drums are just all around the place making a bloody mess, while the bass is indeed venomous, just as the title of the tune suggests. But let’s be honest, what else could one expect from a track with Gridlok, Prolix and Borderline being in it?

Release Date: 19 February 2016

Label: Project 51 Recordings

Catalogue Number: P51-34

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