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Calyx & Teebee - Cloud 9 / Panic Attack

Calyx & Teebee – Cloud 9 / Panic Attack

Calyx & Teebee - Cloud 9 / Panic Attack

Just when you think you’re catching up with Ram Records and their incredible catalogue of releases this year, they go and drop another insane single from bassline heavyweights Calyx & Teebee.

The duo are back with their unmistakeable sound in the form of a two track single featuring “Cloud 9” & “Panic Attack”, the long awaited tunes from which we’ve heard in numerous mixes over the summer, yet another taster from their highly anticipated third LP “1×1”.

“Cloud 9”, doing just what the packaging says, taking you to Cloud 9. A Dreamy intro filled with textured sounds, accompanied by backing vocals from Calyx of the same nature, will bring you to a high level of euphoria before unleashing an arsenal of punchy drums and speaker blowing synths you’ve come to know and expect from the pair. “Panic Attack” is a fast paced roller with a combination of erratic breaks and shuffling hi hats, pounding drum loops and mids that’ll cut through any double drop you could throw at it. A true benchmark in production standards that continually grow and develop even more with every release, Calyx & Teebee rounding out what has been already an amazing year with a final glimpse of the third LP.

Date Release:  November 6, 2015

Label:  RAM Records


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