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Current Value & Maztek - Subsistenz 14.5

Current Value – Feedback Echo (feat. Maztek) / Declock

Current Value & Maztek - Subsistenz 14.5

In 2015 you must always be ready for some more Current Value, as this madman won’t just stop unleashing his productive forces upon the D&B scene. If you thought he might give you a break — well… He’s already up for another release on Subsistenz. It seems like while these lines are being written, he’s probably finishing some other nasty banger at his HQ. So, Fasten your seatbelts and let’s get started!

Current Value has been making his first, but yet really confident steps onto the neurofunk field and we haven’t seen him doing collaborations all that often, so it’s always intriguing to see more of his cooperation with other musicians. You can confidently say that “Feedback Echo” written alongside the mastermind Maztek is a perfect example of how a collaboration between two artists should be done. As in CV’s recent collabs with Phace and Prolix, you can clearly hear two totally different styles merging into something unique and new. That being said, “Feedback Echo” with its devastating drop is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

“Declock” has that true Current Value vibe taking over from the very first seconds of the track. The atmospheric intro and the main motive remind of a period when Current Value was just starting to change his style by adding more and more neurofunk elements to his works, thus breathing something fresh and different into his production. Track is written according to the recent high quality standards, so you should expect it to pack a punch, as well as deliver some next-level of sci-fi injected into D&B music.

Release Date: 11 December 2015

Label: Subsistenz

Catalogue Number: SUBS14.5

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