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Displace Audio Guest Mix #001 – Black Barrel

We’re proud to introduce Displace Audio Guest Mix series! From now on we’ll deliver exclusive mixes from producers representing all styles within the realm of Drum & Bass music. It was our dream from the very beginning to invite the finest producers to share their taste and vision as well as showcase their own material via our platform and we feel blessed to have such an opportunity.

The first exclusive mix comes from Black Barrel – a producer from Saint-Petersburg whose name gets more and more recognized by the lovers of deeper vibes. He made a statement with his debut on Dispatch Limited, demonstrating his mastery when it comes to smooth and techy atmospheric sub-driven rollers, but it’s only the beginning. With his pockets full of dubplates Black Barrel is getting ready to conquer the scene by storm and there’s nothing stopping him from doing that. Among other things you should expect more Dispatch goodness from him as well as collaborations with Nami which are coming out on Invisible in the near future.

As for the mix itself, it’s a great selection of tracks featuring a generous portion of IDs, making it an exciting and intriguing ride, which is the best way to start this series!


  1. ID – ID
  2. ID – ID
  3. ID – ID
  4. ID – ID
  5. ID – ID
  6. Spinline – Darpa
  7. Nami – Inspiration Run
  8. Black Barrel & Beatcode – ID
  9. Black Barrel – Jungle War
  10. Molecular – I Heard
  11. Brain Crisis – Ruin Of The Awe
  12. ID – ID
  13. Logics & Kodin – Ratio
  14. Kyrist – Venomous
  15. Alix Perez & Zero T – Enemy Of Reason
  16. Black Barrel – Void

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