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Displace Podcast #007

#007 is here and oh boy, is it a gully one! We packed this one with all out bangers, perfectly executed rollers and dangerous halftime grinders, so fasten your seatbelt before you proceed any further!
Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Current Value & Optiv – Roughed Up [C4C] [dub]
  2. Kyrist – The Drifted [Addictive Behaviour] [dub]
  3. Ethik, Stoner & Dottor Poison – Dune [Celsius] [dub]
  4. Data 3 & Revaux – Basilisk [Addictive Behaviour] [dub]
  5. Stoner & Dottor Poison – Nihil [Celsius] [dub]
  6. Noisia – Motion Blur (DLR Remix) [VISION]
  7. Noisia – Tentacles (Teddy Killerz Remix) [VISION]
  8. Noisia – Tentacles (Ivy Lab Remix) [VISION]
  9. Monty – Sharp Teeth [Cart] [dub]
  10. Balatron – Way Back [Cart] [dub]
  11. Noisia – Exavolt (Mefjus Remix) [VISION]

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Hailing from Australia, Neil is the only native English speaker in our team, so he is responsible for Reviews, Interviews and translating correspondences.