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Dualistic - Brave - Single

Dualistic – Brave

Dualistic - Brave - Single

Every time we see a new Soulvent release coming up, it’s such a sweet feeling. The label is still pretty young, but they’ve already proven that they do some top notch work when it comes to the selection of producers and tracks. Every release is worth of any liquid lovers’ attention and that’s why these guys get so much support from all kinds of producers and labels, but we think they deserve much more than that. When you see that something is coming out on Soulvent, you can safely coclude that you are about to hear some of the finest liquid D&B music you can find.

So, after the insanely successfull compilation “Soul Sessions” they’re proud to present their next single by Dualistic – a incredibly talented producer from Germany, who you’ve probably heard if you’re into Liquicity. He did some lovely tunes which we’ve been listening to for months, but this time it’s just the whole new level of awesomeness. We’ve got two dreamy and mellow tunes, that will help you to get away from it all after a tough day with it’s perfectly paced atmosphere and melodics. It’s just so easy to listen to, you won’t even notice how everything that was bothering you a couple of minutes ago is slowly fading away as you dive deeply into these vibes. First tune, “Brave” features some ethereal vocals by Ayve that set the whole mood of the tune, followed by lovely melodies and a soft bass, while “Beauty”, a collaboration with Zazu, has a very interesting drum section that works wonders with all the other elements, making you listen to it time and time again; just the title just says, it’s a real beauty. It’s hard to express how much we love this release and we just want to say thanks to Dualistic and all the Soulvent crew for such an magnificent release for the early autumn times.

Release Date: 28 September 2015

Label: Soulvent Records

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