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Fourward - Elektrik EP

Fourward – Elektrik EP

Fourward - Elektrik EP

One of the first releases that we’ve really loved this year was a single by Fourward, which was a great sign of the fact that hundreds of nasty killer tunes will come from all the producers in 2015. After their “Foot Soldiers” and all the other tunes popping up it felt like this year will be something bigger than just another year in the history of the genre. And it was just like that. Well, we haven’t heard from this squad for a while now, there wasn’t much action on their part in terms of releases since the beginning of the year, but during a last couple of months we’ve heard a couple of Fourward tunes in Friction’s mixes. You know, what an insane DJ the boss of Shogun is, so it was strategically covered by amazing doubledrops, but still, you can tell it’s Fourward even if it’s recorded on an old phone on some live event, their style was always unique to them. So here they are – with a brand new EP that is going to make some huge impact on the scene. The title track “Elektrik” has been there for a while and if you are a dubplate freak, just like us, you’ll recognize this one, because you were driving insane waiting for that tune’s title to finally show up. Yes, it’s still Fourward, but it’s a totally next-generation sounding track for them, like it was stolen from the future. And it also deserved its “Friction’s Fire” in the last show, so yeah. Speaking of other 3 tunes, we’ve got some neat divesity – one classic Fourward roller, which we are happy to get anytime, a tune that has such an interesting and looney sound to it, that you just have to find out, how to describe it by yourself and at last, a beatiful liquid tune that takes it all into a whole other direction, featuring Grimm – one of the finest vocalists in D&B music out there.

Release Date: November 2015

Label: Shogun Audio

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