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Fractale – Listen / Axis

Small start up labels are what Drum & Bass music needs in order to keep the music fresh and interesting. It is our first time featuring this label on our website and it is an absolute pleasure to promote them, as the music really speaks for itself. Hard work and determination to bring something new to the table is often difficult though essential and The Dreamers Recordings are turning heads for all the right reasons. From what started out as weekly event organizing in Turin, Italy has now turned into an outlet for forward thinking producers alike. With the intention of pushing the freshest new talent The Dreamers is now an established platform where we are seeing an ever increasing amount of quality Drum & Bass. The labels second year of business is off to a good start, their 9th release signalling exciting times and a strong year to come.

Fractale, a trio hailing from Italy are no strangers to the game with releases already on some of the biggest labels in the scene, from Ram Records to Vandal Recordings, their sounds are being felt on dancefloors across the world. A brand new single is to be released later this month, being their first release of the new year they have not messed around. The A side ‘Listen’ opens things in style, a gritty bassline pulses alongside some playful hip hop infused drums. ‘Axis’ is a half time stepper which simply does not mess about. Starting with swirling filtered drums and an arpeggio melody which develops the groove. The track drops into a massive rolling break, working off of a half time arrangement, your speakers pop with that huge kick drum and clappy snare. The sub breathes in and out as the groove keeps the track ticking over. Super exciting release from Fractale, if you don’t already, get to know as these are sure to be rinsed at a club near you.

Release Date: 16 February 2017

Label: The Dreamers Recordings

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