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Gydra – Dystopia EP

Gydra - Dystopia EP

Among the most notable names, that were in the lead of the russian producers’ expansion into the worldwide neurofunk scene, we’ve had one that made a lot of noise – Gydra. A three-man project that has clearly demonstrated, how unique and different is their vision of neurofunk. Having made a really lasting first impression with two of their debut free EPs, that had some huge support from tons of producers all over the world, they got a lot of attention from some of the best labels in the play and the most impressive outcome of it was their Cyborg EP on Eatbrain, which is kind of release you can be really proud of, as it just wrecked the charts and conquered the dancefloors for months. They’ve spent the last couple of months working on and polishing their newest creation for Bad Taste and you’ll hear, how much work has been done in terms of ideas, concept and sound quality. Now get ready, as you’re about to enter the dystopian world they’ve created.

The title track, “Dystopia” is a great introduction into this world, as it clearly shows that it’s not a place where you can feel safe. The alarming intro makes a great job of preparing you to what happens next – a neverending, relentless barrage of deadly drums with a hysterical background. Dark and heavy, this tune does a great job of conjuring up an image of a world, where everything went horribly wrong. “Secret Society” expands on the set theme with another example of incredibly well-written beats and an atmosperic percussion, wrapped up in a more rolling kind of vibe. After that we get to three tunes that are more dancefloor-targeted – “A New Dawn”, “Megapolis” and “Insurrection”. The first one is absolutely straightforward with its drop – it has a perfectly executed in-your-face type of groove, which is really easy to catch. “Megapolis” has some really filthy sounds all around the place, creating a picture of pure insanity, while “Insurrection” is all about the most futuristic and daring mechanical vibe.

Gydra did their best to transfer the concept they’ve had in mind into these five tracks and you can hear it in the amount of details and the omnipresent dark atmosphere, that ties them all together. That’s what makes it an interesting and immersive journey if you listen to it at home, but on the other side there’s nothing stopping these tracks from tearing crowds on the dancefloor, which makes Dystopia EP a very well-rounded release, worthy of you attention.

Release Date: 8 April (Beatport Excusive) / 22 April (Worldwide)

Label: Bad Taste Recordings

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