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Hypoxia – Cognition EP


There can never be too much good music, right? Eatbrain are surely aware of this and that’s why they’ve been putting out new music like crazy. Jade surely has an eye for promising talents and at this point in time the contribution he made to the boom that’s happening in neurofunk right now is truly impressive. Yet it looks like the label only starts to gather momentum, the most notable sign of it being the two upcoming albums by Machine Code and L 33. But before we’ll finally get to hear those we have some more exciting music to deal with. We’re about to dive into the 25th release and while 25 may not seem like a big number, you can’t deny the omnipresence of Eatbrain on the D&B scene of today.

After releasing a couple of tunes on different labels, the Antwerp-based duo Hypoxia return back to Eatbrain better than ever with their brand new Cognition EP. These two are relatively new to the scene, but they’ve managed to make a lot of noise and had a big breakthrough in the first year of their career, the result of each was becoming a part of Eatbrain. It took them 2 years to make a name for themselves and get this far. Pretty good, right? But after listening to their tunes you realise, that it couldn’t have been the other way, they deserve this kind of attention.

So what they have prepared for us this time? The first thing you notice, as you start listening to the EP is the sound quality – these tracks definitely sound better than their previous work, which can only mean that Hypoxia will demonstrate their growth every time as their full potential is far from being completely unveiled. Title track, “Cognition” has to be the most atmospheric piece of music they’ve created so far. Its intro is dark and sinister with a twisted bassline fading in and out as the hysteria around it slowly builds up, finally reaching its final form in the drop. The drum break constantly switches up and new layers of bassline are constantly thrown into the mix making “Cognition” a truly thrilling ride.

After that we get to the dancefloor-targeted part of the release, which is represented by a collab with HYQXYZ. Last time they delivered a tune called “Suspicious Minds” and while that was a good one, this time they just went crazy and came up with “Ripgroove”. Make no doubt – whenever this one gets to the club the crowd will just explode. The unconvential drum pattern with a really clever usage of free space between the samples that creates a unique groove, all the layers of noise and bassline that work together towards creating extra crunchiness, the build up that perfectly leads to the drop, the accent on the snares in the second drop – Hypoxia & HYQXYZ managed to perfectly execute what they were going for, which makes this one our personal favorite.

The other two tracks take it into the deeper territory. “Membrane Theory” has more slowly-paced drums to compliment the nasty bassline and will surely make you move your head without you even noticing it. And having such a chill washed out atmosphere at the second drop is a really nice touch too. Last, but not the least we’ve got MC Seko delivering some sick lines in “Soundsystem Heavyweight” which serves as a great platform for it by setting up the right mood and not getting into the way.

As a result we’ve got a multi-purposed EP that shows how good the duo is at both shredding the dancefloor and delivering a more thoughtful or obscure vibe. Let’s see, what does the future hold for them, as they’ve still got a long way ahead of them.

Release Date: 9 May (Beatport) / 23 May (Worldwide)

Catalogue Number: EATBRAIN025

Label: Eatbrain

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