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InsideInfo – Conformity

InsideInfo - Conformity

Among all the Viper troopers who were constantly delivering some firepower to the dancefloors, there has been one producer who always was a step ahead with his unmatched production quality and unique style. We’re talking about InsideInfo, who’s been rather silent for about half a year. Last time we’ve heard him bringing some forward-thinking techy vibes in “Pulsation” and “Talisman” alongside another neurofunk mastermind Mefjus and just before that they contributed the heaviest club-smashers of 2015, that still never fail to do their job – “Footpath” and “Leibniz”.

We’ve been hearing about his album for a while now, but it was just a bunch of words and gossips until now. Finally, Paul is ready to unleash the first album single that goes by the name of “Conformity”! It’s just one track, but there’s so much to talk about. First of all, the sound design – there are tons of different noises and effects, bleeps and bloops, that set you up for the quirky atmosphere of the tune right from the start. Right before we get to the drop we hear a quote “The opposite of courage is not cowardice, it is conformity” and it clearly hasn’t been chosen randomly if you think about it. While a lot of producers comply with the rules and standards present in today’s industry, Paul is just doing a thing of his own. In his last few releases he took some risks and sacrificed the typical structures to deliver something unusual, something that only he is capable of.

All the tiny details and melodic elements together with the punchy drums and an energetic bassline create a rhythmic pattern that’s too compelling to ignore. The central element of tune is a constantly repeating word “Conformity”, which undergoes changes throughout the whole tune, becomes less and less recognizable and finally morphs into a barely comprehensible bass sample. While being overflown with all sorts of samples, the tune still sounds clean and crisp. Though “Conformity” is really complex, its groove is really easy to catch. With a tune that’s so innovative we really wonder, how InsideInfo will continue to break deep-seated clichés in his brand new album.

Release Date: 15 April (Beatport) / 22 April (Worldwide)

Label: Viper Recordings

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