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Last month Viper teamed up with the Bassrush crew to deliver a massive compilation named “Viper Presents: Bassrush 1.0” that features 50 carefully selected dancefloor bombs and brings some of the finest Drum & Bass, Dubstep and Trap producers together. It’s really exciting, so make sure to check it out here. We’ve been offered to make an interview with one of the names featured and as soon as we spotted InsideInfo we knew he is the one we want to chat with. Paul can easily be considered one of the label’s veterans, as he’s been part of the crew for about 8 years now and yet he has never ceased to amaze. His style as and his production skills have been constantly evolving, a result of it being some of the finest tracks we have available — his numerous collaborations with Mefjus and experimental tracks like “Conformity”. Thus, we were willing to interview him for a while now and we’re thankful to the whole Viper team for giving us such an opportunity. You can view this interview in Russian here and, as always, we hope you have a good read :)


Hey there, Paul! So, the last piece of music you’ve released was an unusual tune titled “Conformity” (you can check out our review here). Can you tell us how you’ve came up with the idea for it and what was the process behind its creation?

I’d had the sample sitting around for a long time waiting to be used and I had tried a few different ideas for it over the past few years, but never quite made it work properly.  I’d purchased a Dave Smith Pro 2 synth and had been messing around with it for a while making some patches, noises, etc, and came up with this weird steppy groove. I put the sample in and it just kinda wrote itself after that.

We know you’ve been working on your debut album for a while now and the whole community wants to know at what stage of writing it you are right now? What can you tell us about it? What should we expect to hear?

It’s about 85% finished now, just in the final stages of wrapping it up. I started it in January last year, and it’s taken me a while to get where I am now but I’m happy with how it’s sounding, I won’t say too much at this stage, but I’ve certainly tried to avoid making a typical “neurofunk” album and just do my own thing. I’ve got some really interesting musicians I’m super happy to have worked with on there. Current plan is to drop it in November.

You’ve been making tunes alongside Mefjus for a while now with exceptionally good results, so it’s definitely more than just meeting in a studio just to write a bunch of tunes once in a while. Are you good friends with Martin? What connects you besides these collaborations and are we going to hear more from you two anytime soon?

We are good mates, love that guy! We haven’t really been in the studio since I started writing the album, but we have plans to go in and write more material together once it’s finished. In fact, because it’s been ages since we last wrote anything, I’m really excited to sit down together and get to work, I just needed some time off from doing collabs and get my album nailed. We hang out a lot though when he’s in the UK or I’m in Austria, watch crappy films and BBQ!

A couple of months ago Tasha Baxter uploaded a video from a session in your studio. Did you like working with her and what was the result of that session?

Tasha is awesome, such a laugh! I sent her a really short clip of something I was working on and then she came and laid down a beautiful vocal for a track that’s gonna be on there. She’s just great to work with, no correction or anything needed on her voice, on point every time. Wanted to work with her for ages, so really glad she’s on there.

Is it tough to combine your personal life with a music career? What do you do when you’re not playing or writing music?

I guess like any job it can be tough sometimes for sure, being away and travelling a lot takes it toll on you sometimes, and the hours and days can be pretty anti social, but I like to find time to spend with friends, family and be social. It’s important for my sanity not to be locked away alone in a room for days on end!

What was the last D&B tune that has really surprised you with an original idea or an unconventional structure?

One of the last tunes that really stood out for me was “Tangents” by Culture Shock with those awesome chord stabs. There is just some magic in that track that makes it a bit special.

Do you like the direction where Drum & Bass music is heading right now? What newcomers to the scene would you like to mention?

I think we are starting to see some more groove and funk returning now which I was starting to miss a bit.  I’m really feeling Signal and Bmotion at the moment, they are sounding super fresh and exciting!

Thanks for the chat, Paul! Any words to your fans and supporters out there?

Yes, thanks for continued support, always continues to blow me away! Can’t wait to show everyone what I’ve been cooking up for the last 2 years!


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