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June Miller - Robots & Romans LP

June Miller – Robots & Romans: Release Date & Tracklist Revealed

June Miller - Robots & Romans LP

After an uncompromising killer single “Chain of Strength / Last Night On Earth” the next generation producer duo June Miller will release their debut Ram album called “Robots & Romans”. As of now, we only have the release date which is not that far from the moment when we were typing this and a tracklist with some unexpected track names. We are so intrigued to hear how these tracks sound and will upload previews as soon as possible, but right now we want you to listen to one of the album tracks. It has a very epic and promising intro, which prepares you to the nasty drop that will sweep you off your feet and blow your mind immediately. Album preview is available here.

Release Date: 21 June 2015
Catalogue Number: RAMMLP23
Label: RAM Records

01) Robots & Romans
02) Chain of Strength
03) Slow Down
04) We Are Not Human (feat. Hannah Lux)
05) 地球での最後の夜
06) Last Night on Earth
07) Saus (feat. Mefjus)
08) Brace
09) Bad Brains
10) Stormtrooper (feat. Virus Syndicate)
11) Περαιτέρω Φαίνεται Για Πάντα (feat. Stella)
12) Further Seems Forever
13) Oblivious
14) Ups & Downs (feat. T & Sugah & Anouk)
15) Интерлюдия (feat. Tiiu)

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