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Kusp – Getting By / Lustre

Context Audio kick things off for the new year with a new single from talented producer Kusp. Marking their 5th release, as ever the young label up the ante, once more delivering another tasteful listening experience and push their steady flow of high quality drum and bass. After receiving a huge amount of DJ support from the likes of S.P.Y., Marky, Zero T, Eastcolours, Basher, Fre4knc and Hyroglifics just to name a few, it is clear that the music really speaks for itself. Hailing from Poole, UK, Kusp is back in action with something light and fresh. A man we can usually relate to the darker side of things lives up to his reputation and also shows another dimension to his capabilities. ‘Getting By’ immerses you into a dark hip hop realm as clever percussion bounces around the room, filling the space between a head bopping half time arrangement. Clever use of vocal samples keeps this one stuck in your head for hours. The distorted bassline breathes though the gaps, as reverberated hits pop left right and centre making for a never ending groove with each verse. ‘Lustre’ is an irresistibly smooth liquid roller, warm melodic pads create a dreamy atmosphere where you can drift away and let the vibe take you. Tight drums keep things moving in true liquid fashion, light crispy kick and snare combination roll out on top of airy vocals, reverberating throughout the mix.

Release Date: 8 February 2017

Label: Context Audio

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