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L 33 – Karate LP Sampler

L 33 - Karate LP Sampler

Eatbrain has finally brought one of its finest and deadliest warriors – L33, back into the battlefield. He always remained loyal to his own art of neurofunk and proved, that his mastery knows no boundaries and kept developing his skills from one release to another. His sound became clean, his drums transformed into swift and precise bursts of energy, the knowledge of his targets became vast, as he trained his techniques to perfection on the numerous dancefloors. He gained approval of his masters and thus, the decision to release the collection of his best, previously unheard works was made.

We’ve been following L 33 since his very first steps on the scene and seeing how far he’s got makes us really excited. Having the style of his own as well as a top-notch production, he found his sweet spot, where his enormous skill and experience is respected and presented in the best form to the crowd. It’s happening. After 4 years in business, one of the best labels in the play is about to release its first solo album, so it better be good, right? Well, there’s no need to guess, as the 4-track album sampler awaits your wise judgement.

Starting off with “Clublife” we just go all in right from the beginning. Though the title is a bit misleading, as we can’t imagine any kind of lifeforms being able to withstand that skull-crasher with massive groove and monstrous snares getting into the club. It could have been easily called the best track on the EP, but the competition is surprisingly high. The next contender for the title of the crowd favorite goes by the name of “Bloodbrain” and it has all the things required for total dancefloor dominance. A perfectly-shaped neuro banger. We have a change of pace upon reaching “Earthbounce” and this one’s definitely bringing some vibrations to the floor, so you don’t have any other choice, but to dance hard. Finally, “Zealot” is a tune that we’ve been waiting the most. This tight techy roller showcases how creative L 33 is when it comes to creating a vibe for the track, the main motive is just too addictive to pass on. But as we can hear in the track, the man just says “I’m doing my job” and it’s a job well done indeed. With such a good introduction, the hype for the upcoming album is getting real.

Release Date: 14 March (Beatport) / 28 March (Worldwide)

Label: Eatbrain

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