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L Plus - One Tonne of Bass EP

L Plus – One Tonne of Bass EP

L Plus - One Tonne of Bass EP

Since the very emergence of L Plus on the scene his music became the very definition of the Technique Recordings sound and after a couple of really great exclusive tunes for all the compilations there were on the label, he is about to deliver his solo EP, that features 4 tracks. What’s good about that one is that we have some more experimental tunes as well as classic Technique-style bangers, but all of them have one purpose – to make you dance like you’ve gone insane. And EP has a very appropriate title to it – this pack of tunes will bring a hell lot of bass to your ears. It’s good to see L Plus not only doing what he is known for, but also going further and trying something new, just like it happened with “Jailbreak”. And it totally works! The drop is so daring and powerful that you simply let it consume you. So yeah, you can start preparing yourself to hear this on the dancefloors really soon.

Release Date: 23 October 2015

Label: Technique Recordings

Catalogue Number: TECH124

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