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LSB - About Tonight EP

LSB – About Tonight EP

LSB - About Tonight EP

Spearhead! Again! It’s just surprising, how often we get a chance to tell you about stuff BCee is delivering through his legendary imprint that is about to get our personal award for the best liquid label of the year! This time the guest is one of the most respected new names on the scene – LSB, a man who has been doing some of the finest liquid tunes we’ve heard in a while and this release is no doubt the best stuff we’ve heard from him in 2015. While listening to this you notice that he found his own way of doing soulful D&B music and offers something different and unique, so it’s not that hard to guess, whether a tune playing right now is by him or not. His refined groovy drums, incredibly lovely melodics, silky and deep basslines work especially great during night time. That’s what you want to listen especially after a tough day while getting ready to sleep it all off. We’ve got two original LSB tunes, one surprising collaboration with another marvel – Tokyo Prose which ended up in doubled loveliness and finally there is a remix by another master of soulfull sound – the legendary Lenzman. With such a tracklist, it’s hard not to start throwing your money at the screen, so big ups to those, who’ve worked on this one.

Release Date: 4 December 2015

Label: Spearhead Records

Catalogue Number: SPEAR065

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