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Malux - Turbine / Fonk

Malux – Turbine / Fonk

Malux - Turbine / Fonk

Malux is a relatively new name to the drum and bass music scene, though the man behind the project certainly is not. He is an already well established bass music producer having releases on some of the biggest labels in the world such as Techinque Recordings, Disciple Recordings and Caliber Music just to name a few. He joined the Inespected Recordings family around middle to late last year, with his well-embraced Nordic EP under a better-known alias “Skope”. Showing true talent the EP touched on nearly all aspects of heavy bass music with Dubstep, Breaks and Electro House in the mix. Making his mark in the scene with his uniquely gritty sound, matched with a funk style groove it was not long before a new direction would be taken and a new project would be formed. Turning heads and attracting all the right kind of attention, with support from all of the top DJs in the scene, the Malux project is about to unleash more heavy neurofunk drum and bass music into the world. It would only seem fitting that a single for the New Year is to be released on none other than legendary dnb powerhouse label “Bad Taste Recordings”.

“Turbine” premiered first on Noisia Radio Season 2 Episode 2 and it was such a great moment. Propelling Malux into the spotlight, it had everybody listening in absolute shock and awe, with that percussive pattern and wonky stabbing synth matched with super heavy drums and a tight bassline groove. This is a complete and utter banger, which will tear up any dancefloor or person that gets in its way!

The B-side to the release “Fonk” is going to be up there with one of the heaviest tracks of 2016. Straight from the off it has an energy building that can only be heading for one thing, a disgustingly beautiful drop that you literally cant not screw up your hardest bass-face to, and feel the need to stomp your feet through the ground beneath you. It has some ridiculous sound design that is a credit to Malux and his hard work in the lab. Roaring synths and smart incidentals keep your mind busy while you take it all in.

The neurofunk movement has a new hero, his name is Malux and he means business!

Release Date: 29 January (Beatport) / 12 February (Worldwide)

Label: Bad Taste Recordings

Catalogue Number:  BT047

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