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Mefjus - Blitz EP

Mefjus – Blitz EP

Mefjus - Blitz EP

Never ceasing to amaze, the Neurofunk don aka Mefjus has returned. Rounding out what has already been a very busy year indeed, picking up an unbelievable 6 nominations at the Drum & BassArena Awards for his hard work, releasing some of the biggest tunes in recent times with a steady string of remixes and absolutely huge collabs with the likes of Insideinfo, The Upbeats and Xtrah to name a few. Being the Austrian powerhouse’s first solo release since his LP that dropped last year, Emulation, It only seems fitting for a new EP to be brought to you by none other than Neurofunk giant label Neosignal. Only 3 years on since they brought us a truly amazing and a pivotal piece of music, first big release “Far Too Close / Distantia” on the sister label Neodigital, Mefjus has cemented his place as one of the best neurofunk producers to ever hit the scene. Surpassing the elite his sound and new approach to neuro smashed through clubs the world over, making his presence known and dropping jaws and basslines time and time again. The EP is just what everybody has been waiting for, 4 straight up, no-nonsense neurofunk bangers. A heavy Sci Featuring-Fi influence, these techy rollers will surely be go-to for any rave tracks to lift the energy and keep everyone moving. Once again the Austrian neuro-marvel delivers with amazing production skills and unbelievable execution.

Date Release: December 11, 2015

Label: Neosignal Recordings

Catalogue Number:  NSGNLEP005D

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