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If you think we had enough of great news from MethLab… nope, there is even more. As we already know the first joint release by MethLab and Bad Taste is about to drop the 6th of November, but this day is about to get even more special because of a recent announcement they’ve made. At the same day we’ll get something that will be exciting for producers and random people who love getting free goodness.

Meet #DATSNARETHO – a free sample pack containing 30 snares from some of the most forward-thinking producers with unbelievable production skills. Now prepare yourself, as I’m about to list all the names involved in this one. We’ve got samples from Allied, Audeka, Billain, Broken Note, Cause4Concern, Current Value, Disphonia, Disprove, Kursa, Maztek, Minor Rain, The Sect, Rawtekk, Signs and Silent Witness. A true paradise for an upcoming producer, right? You can now pick up your jaw off the floor, while I’ll explain why it’s also a nice feature for those, who love free goodness. If you follow this link, you’ll hear a preview of 15 snares by all the producers listed above and if you can tell who is behind each one of them – a copy of MethLab vol.1 and that sick MethLab T-Shirt are yours. Not an easy task, but worth a try, ha?

We’re really delighted to see such a great amount of leading producers teaming up to do something good for the whole community. Once again we’d like to say thanks to the whole MethLab crew as well as all involved in this particular project for bringing even more hype to the scene.

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