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Module Eight - Legacy LP

Module Eight – Legacy LP

Module Eight - Legacy LP

Not only did Exit surprise us this year with a hefty pack of absolutely amazing releases supporting all sorts of new movements and experiments; there was something else hovering in the air all this time. We’ve already seen a truly innovative conceptual album by The Binary Collective, which happened to be a project of dBridge, Kid Drama, Consequence and Joe Seven, but if you think that’s it then you’re horribly wrong. Here comes another joint project of a truly epic scope – Module Eight.

What was thought to be just another masterpiece by the master dBridge ended up being something way more interesting. We’ve been teased a lot by that name for a good year, if not more, especially by the third issue of Heart Drive podcast, where more than a half of tracks had that mysterious Module Eight name in it. It was only a month ago, when they lifted the curtain and finally we know, who is behind the project. In fact, it’s just an unbelievable dream team for an every label fan – we’ve got dBridge, Kid Drama, Loxy, Resound and Skeptical united as one. Yeah, you are not dreaming, that’s what is actually happening.

If you want to know more, you should head to Fabric for An Oral Guide To Module Eight. As stated there by dBridge – “it all started from that shared folder”. But what we get in the end is one of the most ambitious projects of recent years. Legacy LP is an absolute must for anyone who is addicted to the autonomic movement of D&B music as much as we are. It’s a collection of gems created by people, who did their best to make this movement as big as it is now, a result of years of expirience and a set of ideas coming from the very depths of mind merged into one.

There is another thing that we’d really like to mention. The cover art for the album was created by an incredibly talented pal Rostislav Borisov, who is also a person behind our logo and a great friend of ours. We know it was one of his dreams and it’s such a pleasure to know that this dream actually came true. And it’s a real honour to work with a person that participated in a release of such a great project, so big ups to him. We totally recommend you to check out his portfolio as you’ll probably enjoy the unique style of his works.

Release Date: 13 November 2015

Label: Exit Records

Catalogue Number: EXITLP015

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