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Monty – Soft Start EP

It’s truly inspiring to see some Drum and Bass artists developing their talent and improving their production skills with such confidence and inspiration. If we were asked to give an example of the one, we would without any doubt mention Monty. Having dropped an excellent EP on Alix Perez’s imprint named 1985 (which in itself says a lot: the bar of production quality Alix set on his label is extremely high) Monty is going to surprise us once again.

This time we’ve got a 6-tracker on Vandal Records, which showcases  different sides of Monty’s creativity. Soft Start EP has it all: liquid funk inspired vibes, a pair of punchy halftime tunes (one of them is, we believe, definitely inspired by Shades) and a relentless roller titled «Ruff Edges».

Obviously, with tunes like «Soft Start», «Escape Your Smile» and «All Down To You» Monty was aiming at liquid funk, but the result of it was so much more than your usual bunch of liquid rollers. What was it then? Well, we will not feel guilty at all for calling it future liquid. The man basically took it to a next level. In these tracks you will hear short and vibrant bassline pieces and techy synths which form a really compelling motive instead of quite familiar piano notes. Add the instantly recognizable Monty’s drums and it all sounds truly refreshing and oh so silky smooth. Monty’s take on liquid is exciting to listen to and this release gives us a great chance to get familiar with it. «Escape Your Smile» is definitely our favorite of the three.

Now to the other side of the EP we have got «Ruff Edges» which has to be the most powerful D&B number Monty has pulled off so far. This beast of a tune has a rhythmic and pushy bassline mixed with ultrasonic drums which together create a neck-breaking dynamic. This one just can’t stay in a single spot for a second, you can almost feel how the bassline dashes rapidly from one place to another non-stop.

With the last 2 tunes Monty continues his journey into the halftime vibes and from his previous releases we know – when it comes to halftime, this man knows what he is doing. «Bring It Back» is a funky stepper with catchy vocals and an irresistible groove, while «Concrete Flow» is an absolutely insane Shades-inspired dissection of raw waveforms which keeps the soundscape on a verge of a nuclear explosion.

The whole EP sounds both fresh and smooth. Despite of all the tracks falling into three categories it really doesn’t affect the overall picture and all the pieces form a solid release. While listening to the tunes you can easily feel how how meticulous Monty is when it comes to writing music. Throughout 2017 Monty has been perfecting his unmistakable sound and at this point we can safely say that the man was nothing but successful at this. Monty is one of our favorite newcomers to the scene and there is no doubt that he made a real breakthrough this year. Seeing the new blood coming to the scene makes us think of what other remarkable discoveries are waiting for us in the future of Drum & Bass genre.

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