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Muffler – Stone Cold LP

Muffler - Stone Cold LP

It’s hard to believe how much goodness we get this year from the Spearhead Records camp. We’ve seen some of the most beautiful liquid albums of recent years, mellow EPs, all released at a steady pace. It felt like it’s going to stop at some point, but looks like it’s not! We are about to get an album from a producer, whose name will evoke some great memories in heads of those, who’ve been around for a while now – Muffler. Man who released numerous classic tunes and always had his own style, featuring tough drums and sensual melodics, he always did something fresh and powerful and now, all of a sudden, we get an LP after a prolonging silence. Every tune is a memorable journey on itself, while the whole album feels like an epic saga. Really looking forward to it.

Release Date: 30 October 2015

Label: Spearhead Records

Catalogue Number: SPEARCD009

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