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Mutated Forms - Let You Go EP

Mutated Forms – Let You Go EP

Mutated Forms - Let You Go EP

Spearhead is responsible for the best comebacks in liquid D & B this year. We started off with an album by the legend himself – Muffler and feedback for that one was just insane, because, well, some people have such a style so uniquie, that no one can replace them, if they suddenly leave.

Same goes for Mutated Forms – an estonian duo (used to be a trio) that did some remarkable things at the time. We’ve seen some proper halfstep riddim, when they unleashed “Wastegash”, which was played everywhere. There were legendary tunes like “Time To Shine” and “Last Time”. We can not stop listening to “Crowlin” – tune we’ve been waiting for years and we still enjoy their more experimental “Feels Like” and “Gluestick”. The point is – these guys always had their special place in our beloved genre and a made a lot of tracks that will stay classic for years to come. We’ve missed them a great deal.

And they’re back! The best liquid label of 2015, Spearhead is about to release their brand new EP and boy, do we love this one. Mutated Forms are even better than they used to be! Every tune is just full of their trademark vibe that you’ll catch immediately, but the production has become even better since their last release. A pack of four tune showcases their individual style and its diversity, which is essential for such a comeback. We can not wait to hear more and it feels like there so much amazing music from them to come.

Release Date: November 20, 2015

Label:  Spearhead Records

Number Catalogue:  SPEAR064

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