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Neodigital announces Eurofunk Volume Two with a teaser


The last couple of months have been really exciting for Neosignal and Neodigital – we’ve seen a bunch of really strong releases coming from their direction. A dancefloor-tearing single by Phace with “So Excited” and “Lit Up” onboard followed by a debut album by Misanthrop were definitely the ones the entire community was talking about. Between these two there was also a start to a new series which is called Eurofunk. Volume One was released in the end of August featuring some of the best neurofunk-frontliners and breakthrough sound designers like Signs, Hybris and Current Value as well as a relatively new producer who goes by the name of Stoner. Phace & Misanthrop were playing the hell out of his “Bring The Noise” and ended up signing it, which attracted a lot of deserved attention to the guy. In fact, the duo was so impressed by Stoner’s works that Misanthrop, who is rarely seen doing any sorts of collaborations, decided to team up with him which resulted in the nerve-racking beast “Venere”. At the same time Phace joined Signs to write the insane “Pamplemousse”. All in all, it was one of the most exciting releases we’ve seen all year and left the crowd craving for more. If you somehow missed this explosive mixture of tech and funk – give it a listen before you read any further.

It’s only been two months since it all happened, but yesterday we’ve already got a teaser for the Volume Two, which does a perfect job of building up lots and lots of hype. Check this beauty out:

Une vidéo publiée par phace (@phace_) le

So why don’t we give it a bit of analysis? It features some really short bits of every tune, that’re going to be featured on the EP. Do some of those ring a bell with you? They definitely should!

At 0:03 you can hear the immensely deep “Ukzur” by the russian badboys Abstract Elements. You can listen to it here (starts at about 23:38).

At 0:05 there’s a new neck-breaking tune by erb N dub, Malux & Crissy Criss called “Technology”. You can hear it here accompanied by numerous airhorns at around 52 minute mark:

At 0:11 you can hear a tune called “Rage” by Synergy – a name we’ve never heard of before, which makes it especially interesting, as the tune sounds incredibly good production-wise and has a pretty wild groove. We think we’ll have to wait a bit more to find out who Synergy is.  The track was premiered in the latest episode of Noisia Radio (starts at 3:48).

At 0:13 there’s a tune by none other than Signal with his “Objectify” and it’s definitely one of his finest tunes. You can give it a listen in a mix that he did (starts at 2:44).

At 0:15 we have Current Value and this bit is the easiest one to guess for any person that knows what’s going on in the Drum & Bass world. We are almost sure it’s a collaboration between Lockjaw & Current Value (update: it in fact is a collab and it’s called “Countdown”) and you can get a better idea of how it sounds by checking out this mix (starts at 42:38).

We still haven’t figured out what’s the last tune in the teaser, but even these 5 are enough to tell that the Volume Two is just as good as Volume One if not better. The EP will probably come out somewhere in November, so keep your eyes peeled!

At 0:13 we’ve got Proxima’s nasty “Derpstep”, which was premiered on the NFG channel.

So, that wraps it up. It’s been a fun little adventure and you’ve heard all the tunes now! The pre-orders are up at the Neosignal official shop! Go grab a copy for yourself!

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