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Pola & Bryson - The Remix EP

Pola & Bryson – The Remix EP

Pola & Bryson - The Remix EP

The liquid courier is knocking at our doors again with a brand new package of smooth vibes from one of our most trusted suppliers – Soulvent Records. 2015 was huge for them, you can safely say that Soulvent is among the most powerful labels that emerged in the last few years. We’ve enjoyed every piece of music that they’ve released and the fortcoming EP is no exception.

What do we have here? Well, it’s a re-visit of one of their finest releases, The Music EP – an outstanding 4-track package by Pola & Bryson. It came out in spring and it was one of the most memorable releases of that season. It also passed the test of time – we still listen to this EP quite often and enjoy every bit of it. Such a great release deserves some true love, so they’ve managed to carefully craft a well-rounded remix EP that features works from the best young liquid talents around. What a wonderful idea that was!

First up we’ve got Arch Origin re-imagining “Bad Habit” – the energetic breaks here replaced the original’s tough dreams, taking the track into a totally new direction. T & Sugah took the light “Walk Away” and filled it with some dancefloor flavour and their recognizable style, thus making the track dance-floor friendly. GLXY surprised us with a very interesting take on the title-tune, “The Music” – it now has a very fresh and green sound to it, you can easily imagine yourself being thrown into the depths of the jungle, that is overflowing with life and energy. Phaction wraps it all up with his remix of “Stolen Glances” – the original was an incredibly sensual track, but this remix takes it onto a whole other level. The track creates that intimate bond with a listener, making you listen to it over and over.


Release Date: 14 December 2015

Label: Soulvent Records

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