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Retronics - This Will Come / Even If

Retronics – This Will Come / Even If

Retronics - This Will Come / Even If

You can never get enough of Soulvent. Like we’ve already said numerous times – this label is just phenomenal and it’s our absolute favourite among the young labels which spread the next generation of liquid vibes. After an incredibly sensual release by Dualistic, the label is happy to introduce another talented producer to its growing audience. Daniel Nyari, who is Hungarian-born and goes by the alias of Retronics, will probably capture your attention with his debut release.

The first tune, “This Will Come” is a perfect way to start a career. A promising intro sounds just like the nature awakening in the morning and it slowly introduces us to a powerful bass that leads the track into a whole new direction and underlines all the beautiful background. This tune like no other will make your morning a wonderful one and give you enough energy to break through another tough day.

“Even If” is a totally different story. Here we have a surprisingly well-done liquid roller with some neat basslines and a mesmerizing atmosphere, this one will do wonders during night-time when you are about to call it a day and relax.

That’s why we totally recommend you to follow both the label and the producer, because there’s always more exciting music coming from them in the future. Also, there is a lovely bootleg available as a free download on the Retronics social pages, make sure you don’t miss it.

Release Date: 2 November 2015

Label: Soulvent Records

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