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Segment & Concept Vision – Mammoth EP


You probably want to take some time just to appreciate the cover art before you start reading. It’s Eatbrain after all. You don’t get covers this good by any other label, yet Eatbrain deliver every time. Done? Then let’s get right into it!

If you look at what Eatbrain released so far in 2016, it won’t be hard for you to notice that they’ve set the quality bar of their releases even higher. It’s been nothing but the perfect demonstration of how good the neurofunk scene has become in the last couple of years. The production has never been so clean and tunes that producers come up with are just too crazy, we’ve basically entered a new era. To prove this point Eatbrain invited over a project from Russia… hang on. Have you noticed, how much goodness we’ve been getting from the russian-speaking part of the scene lately? We sure as hell did! So yeah, this time Eatbrain chose Segment & Concept Vision to demonstrate the best neurofunk has got as of now and as a result we’ve got one of the most exciting releases we’ve seen this year both in terms of sound quality and heaviness.

Since their debut as a duo on Blackout with a huge Meteor EP happened, they never ceased to amaze. With production quality always on top they’ve continued to deliver great tracks throughout the years. Back in 2015 we’ve heard a collab with another russian producer Brain Crisis called “Defender”, which still remains one of the most mechanical sounding insane tracks we have ever heard, while their “Executed” released as a part of Blackout Evolutions series has been played by tons of DJs for months. As for 2016, they’ve just put out an absolutely addictive remix of Optiv & BTK “Insight” as well as made a collab with Signal called “Medium”, that is definitely a highlight of his new EP on Critical. But they just took it to a whole new level with their latest Mammoth EP.

Title track, “Mammoth” has a title that matches perfectly to the track’s contents. It starts off with a really immersive intro which sets the tone for the upcoming madness. You feel the ancient force slowly awakening after an oblivion that lasted for thousands of years. As it starts to recall what’s happened at the time long forgotten, it gets overflown with fury. At this point we get to one of the most massive and intense build ups – the mammoth is picking its target and gets ready to unleash all of its anger upon everything on its path. And finally the drop hits with an amount force that can only be compared to something as massive and ruthless as a mammoth. The clever structure of the drop with constant sycnopes inserted to underline the short, but precise and deadly portions of kicks and snares will keep you on the edge of your seat. True, unrestrained force of nature.

Following up, we’ve got “Charge” – yet another absolute mosnter. At the drop you got a futuristic neurofunk banger with a truly jaw-dropping production. Hasty drum loop, complemented with a great bassline and alluring pitched vocal chops may seem enough for this tune to be considered a true banger, but it wouldn’t be Segment & Concept Vision if it didn’t get even crazier as the drop progresses. An absolutely mad synth, which is comparable to what’ve heard earlier in “Defender”, makes its appearance and, after being thrown into the main formula, makes the first part of the drop seem like a child’s play in comparison. The last part of the drop focuses on the altered vocal chops and percussion, which is a nice touch and makes for a great way to change things up. We get yet another switch up at the second drop – it just lets the beat and the bass do their job, getting rid of everything else for maximum energy.

Then there are “Radiant” and “Heist”, where the duo attempts to execute a different kind of vibe and they’ve completely nailed it. Here you get a bit more mainstreamish type of sound, with more attention paid to the melodic part of the tune, but it doesn’t mean you won’t be hearing these two wreaking havoc on the dancefloor. “Heist” is paced more slowly with sirens and that rave vibe all over it, which makes groove hella catchy, while “Radiant” is more flashy and hectic with some major shifts as the drop progresses, making it a really entertaining ride.

As a result, Mammoth EP is really diverse with it’s array of ideas and it’s the execution of these ideas that make it really stand out. Since we’ve heard the title track played by Noisia we knew this one is gonna be special and we weren’t wrong. This release is a big step forward for this duo and we are eager to know what else they’ll come up with.

Release Date: 18 April (Beatport) / 2 May (Worldwide)

Label: Eatbrain

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