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Skeptical - Outset EP

Skeptical – Outset EP

Skeptical - Outset EP

Ah, what a special year it is for Exit Records. There were some truly ambitious albums by Module Eight and The Binary Collective – projects consinsting of the most influential names in the autonomic movement; the halfstep vibes were just as strong, Alix Perez was spoiling us with some of the liquid goodness, Calibre proved that he is godlike once again and overall it was a period of high-quality and diverse releases, that you want to grab without any hesitation. Gosh, describing everything that has been done by the label up to this point requires a separate article.

It’s somewhat symbolical that Skeptical was opening the 2015 release season for the imprint and now he’s also closing it. His Imperial EP is legendary to say the least and after having a look at the label’s beatport chart, where the tracks from the EP are still at the top after such an amazing stream of releases, you just can’t deny it. The title track is one of the deepest and most thought-provoking tracks we’ve heard in years, so it will always sound just as incredible, no matter how much time will pass. But we always want more vibes from him and that’s what we are about to get.

Outset EP is also a 4 track EP – a format that seems to work great for Skeptical, as he manages to showcase all of his enormous skill, talent and a range of ideas and thoughts he puts into every track. The first tune is “Just One Kiss” and it’s an atmospheric bassline-driven halfstep work and it’s great at showing off Skeptical’s unique style – every tune has the precise amount of elements it needs, all of them are perfectly tweaked and sit well together and everything has a place it belongs to. The groove is just as pure as the sound is crazy and that is driving us crazy.

Down we go with the second tune “Between The Lines” that features the amazing Collette Warren on the vocals. The divine intro with Collette’s ethereal voice is just sublime, but than it suddenly starts to get really grim, until we approach the drop and it all turns into some sort of a sinister ritual. It sucks you in with its atmosphere, making you lose your sanity for some time.

Then “Loophole” hits your ears and your head starts moving before you even realize it. Now you’re tapping your foor and don’t want this madness to stop. Just listen to it! It’s just too good, isn’t it? Only Skeptical knows how to perfectly execute this type of tracks to the point, when you can even call it sexy. Same goes for the last tune “Parallax” that brings out its omnipresent bassline early on and is basically hypnotyzing you with its crazy motive.

We also bet that you’ve stared at that stunning artwork for quite some time and we can’t blame you – it’s not just perfect in and on itself, but also goes so well with the clean style of Skeptical; heck, you can even say it visually represents it in the best way possible. This one was also created by Rostislav Borisov – our good pal, who is endowed with some true talent and has a remarkable design vision, which you can observe right here.

Release Date: 11 December 2015

Label: Exit Records

Catalogue Number:  EXIT062

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