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The Erised — Interview


Just like we’ve promised, a lot more interviews are coming and working on them never fails to get all of our crew hyped and we really hope that everyone who’s reading them is excited as well. Half of our crew is based in Ukraine, so getting a chance to chat with a breakthrough ukrainian live-band The Erised after their incredible performance at Hospitality Ukraine still feels like a dream coming true. First of all we’d like to thank Vera Logdanidi and 22:22 crew (who were also responsible for Hospitality Ukraine) for giving us an exclusive chance to make this interview, as well as helping a lot in the process. Not only did we get to know how the band’s debut album on Med School is shaping up, but we found out how they are treated here in Ukraine, what are their thoughts on Eurovision and much more.
You can view the original russian version of this interview here.


Hello there, crew!
First of all, we’d like to congratulate you with an incredible start of 2016 – your brand new single is up on every store available (you can check out our review here) and you’ve got another solo concert in Atlas, Kiev really soon! After that, you will participate in YUNA (stands for “Yearly Ukrainian National Awards”) and that’s what we want to dicuss with you first of all.
So tell us, please, who are you competing with in “The Discovery of the Year” nomination and who is worthy of picking out the best musicians?

To be honest, we are not following any of the award ceremonies here in Ukraine, but we were really happy to be among the nominees. We hear a lot of people saying, that YUNA is probably one of the most (if not the only) objective award ceremony of Ukraine and the fact, that we are also partaking in it only proves this. It’s hard to say, what are our chances, as we are not singing in Ukrainian, we don’t have a producer or any people investing money into us, which is also the reason, why we are not following any popular trends, but rather doing what we feel like doing. We really hope that only qualified and impartial people are involved in the awards organisation and voting process, as only then we’ll be able to create a healthy, interesting and modern music scene in our country.

Eurovision Song Contest 2016 is not that far and we’ve just seen a list of nominees, who may get a chance to represent Ukraine on the worldwide final. Do you have any plans on taking part in the contest?

We’ve been invited to take part, actually. It was really hard for us to make a decision and decline this invitation. Despite of all the great possibilities it can give us, we decided that finishing our album as well as making solo concerts are our priority number one as of now and it’s already incredibly time consuming on its own. The controversial reputation of the ukrainian part of Eurovision contest felt a bit alarming too. Troughout the years, the selection process was not all that clear, to say the lest. Though it’s worth noticing, that it changed this year to some extent and now the organisers seem to look for the quality and innovation in music. We really hope, that’s the way it is. That’s why we will watch closely this time.

What should the audience expect from your debut album? Are you going to have any collaborations?

We weren’t planning to involve anyone else in the creation of this album, but you can totally expect us doing collaborations in the future. So far the album shapes up nicely and it’s really diverse – we’ve got tunes with some rock and jazz influences, a couple of melancholic ballads and some experimental tracks. Despite the sheer diversity of the tracks in the album, all of them have a somewhat similar vibe that makes it a part of something bigger.


As we know, you all have your own solo projects and we wondered how are those project doing now, as you are spending a lot of time working on your debut album?

The album takes a lot of time indeed, so we’ve been paying less attention to our solo projects lately, but Sonya’s project is doing good and Sasha continues to work as a drummer in “Boombox” without any problems whatsoever. At the same time, Detail and Hidden Element were put on hold for now.

Most of local pop-artists have a good old formula that helps them to achieve success. Everyone has a quirky manager, who knows all the right people in media in order to force a new project. You, on the other hand, were doing everything on your own from the beginning and managed to set up a contract deal with a prominent UK label Med School. How did you manage to come up with such a good strategy and succeed in your pursuit of success?

Each of us had their own unique way in music. The Erised members have been involved in electronic music, rock, jazz, R&B and soul. Our combined knowledge and experience and a main focus on quality helped us a great deal. Thus, we’ve created a fresh product that is popular here in Ukraine, as well as worldwide. Like we’ve already said, we don’t have a producer and no one, label included, can dictate us, what should we do. We will never sell our creative freedom to someone.

The label is probably planning a UK tour for you, but there’s an obstacle you need to have a UK work visa. How difficult is the process of getting one? You are one of the few bands, who get to represent Ukraine on the world one scene, so we wonder if there is any help from our Ministry of Culture in terms of helping you to get the required documents.

Yeah, we are talking a lot about UK touring and some of the European summer festivals would love to see us on stage. Obviously, visa is the deciding factor. We’d really love to see our Ministry of Culture following the example of their colleagues and helping our artist to represent their country on the global market. We are indeed a rare example of a ukrainian band that’s not present only on the local scene, but it is known abroad. If we get our chance to have tours around the globe – we’ll be a great inspiration for the other ukrainian artists out there.

There was the first ever Hospitality event here in Ukraine and you had your first chance to meet the label buddies. What was it like? How did the d&b heads treat you, when you where playing?

This event has become one of the best events of 2015 for everyone involved. The organisers, the audience, all the Hospital crew absolutely loved it! So did we! We had a bunch of our UK colleagues in here and it felt like a real cultural exchange for the artists as well as a true celebration for the crowd. We felt pretty good on stage and once again realized, how lucky we were to become a part of the Hospital & Med School crew.


Did you make friends with any artists from the label rooster?

We always keep in touch with Tony Colman (London Elektricity) as well as with Tom Mullet, who runs Med School. It’s hard to describe in words, what kind of pleasant experience it is, to be a part of Hospital family, where people support you and respect your creative freedom.

What will happen between you and Med School after the album release? Are you parting ways or continue to work together?

Our contract can be prolonged for two more albums. At the moment we are working hard on our albums and only time will tell what happens next.

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