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Ulterior Motive – The Real EP

Ulterior Motive, a name synonymous with the big guns of heavy bass music kick off the new year in style with a brand new EP. When you see a new release from this duo you are always left wanting more, with each and every track they improve their sound and delve deeper into the darker realms of Drum and Bass. With the notion of quality over quantity as a running theme to the project, the pair continue their journey as leaders in sound design with twisted, deep bass punching through a field of tight drums and intricate layers, resulting in an awesome vibe and pleasurable listening experience whether it be 3am in the club or blasting through your favorite pair of headphones. Building on what is already a very impressive back catalogue, Ulterior Motive bring us a 4 track EP ‘The Real’ which is forthcoming on the 27th January on the legendary Shogun Audio.

The title track ‘The Real’ sets the scene for what is to come, throwing you into the thick of it to get you in the right state of mind… state of mind… Techy drums keep this track ticking along nicely, slipping in and out of the way from the distorted bassline rising up from the depths, with the help of Ben Verse on the vocals you simply can’t help but bop your head to this one.

Next up we have ‘Jungle Jam’, as the name suggests this huge bassline sinker takes you back to the jungle where it all started. Heavy sample influence on this one with Funky drum breaks rolling across a field of percussive hits and vocals. This one is truly for the heads, demonstrating why they have found themselves at the forefront of sound design.

‘I Remember’ is the liquid roller of the 4. Light rolling drums work off of the deep, dark sweeping bassline giving it a real anthemic feel. The track rolls effortlessly, proving that simplicity is key when formulating a future classic, with elegant piano chords establishing a warm atmosphere, the track is then complimented by some perfectly suited vocals courtesy of James Sunderland.

Last but certainly not least, ‘Tech2’ is the business end of things. The heavier track of the 4 leaves no survivors with a huge bassline that smothers you in a field of subsonic waves enough to bring the house down. The refined rawness of this track is a clear indicator that there is no sign of slowing for Ulterior Motive, who continually push a new angle on drum and bass.

Release date: 27 January 2017

Label: Shogun Audio

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