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VA – Eatbrain Goes To Let It Roll EP

VA - Eatbrain Goes To Let It Roll

Just as we expected, Eatbrain is smashing it in 2016! Back in 2015 the mighty imprint has made some huge progress on its way to total neurofunk world domination by releasing two massive Mirror Universe compilations as well as mini-albums from the likes of Billain, Machine Code, L 33 and others, but it seems like it’s getting way better from there. The label already set some high quality standards for this year by releasing a great EP from Agressor Bunx, a very promising duo from Ukraine, which is definitely at the forefront of neurofunk scene right now and followed it by an album sampler from L 33, which we really enjoyed!

This time they offer us Eatbrain Goes To Let It Roll EP. Last year we had a chance to watch and listen to an incredible performance by the whole label camp on their own stage at LIR Summer 2015 and we can confidently say that it was absolutely top notch. This time they’ve decided to start preparing us for the upcoming chaos by presenting 4 tracks from the artists, who are going to perform at LIR’s Eatbrain stage this summer.

We can definitely say that at the moment L 33, Agressor Bunx, Machine Code and Mindscape are in the spotlight! Two successful duos, Agressor Bunx and Machine Code have recently started reaching new heights by dropping some bangers non-stop. Ukrainian duo released their music on Eatbrain, Bad Taste Recordings  and Blackout. Moreover, the fact that they will be the first ones to represent Ukraine on the festival is also a huge achievement, making us really proud of them! Machine Code set their direction straight to the neurofunk scene and made a huge transformation by completely changing its sound. The result of it were the outstanding releases on Eatbrain and Cause4Concern Recordings and a couple of collaborations featuring Allied and Lockjaw on Subsistenz and Rise Audio. It’s good to see Machine Code and L 33 pleasing us with more of their goodness, while they prepare and polish their forthcoming albums. This release is a nice demonstration of what one should expect to hear on their stage. While listening to these bangers, we can safely assume that there shall be no mercy at Let It Roll this summer!

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Release Date: 4 April (Beatport) 18 April (Worldwide)

Label: Eatbrain

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