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Zombie Cats - Zombots EP

Zombie Cats – Zombots EP

Zombie Cats - Zombots EP

So, Rregula & Dementia had their first release back in 2007, which is pretty impressing if you think about it. Up until now they’ve been doing some great music non-stop, but it was 2014 when they’ve decided to take things up to the next level and started the new project called Zombie Cats. Right from their first couple of tracks on the groundbreaking “Tales Of The Undead” compilation on Eatbrain, it was immediately clear, that we are up for some real madness. We were right! After their debut Eatbrain “Must Eat” EP there were no more doubts about getting tonnes of premium neurofunk vibes from this duo in the nearest future.

Stakes are getting higher for Zombie Cats these days – we’ve already seen an EP on Commercial Suicide, two fantastic exclusives are about to do their job on the “Mirror Universe” compilations and just when you’ve thought that it’s too much – a brand new EP on Bad Taste Recordings has been announced. The end of the year is getting hotter with every minute and “Zombots” EP will keep the pressure going!

The title track happened to be a collaboration with L 33 – another producer that’s having some sort of productive fever these days. “Zombots” is a clear demonstration of what will happen if you multiply L 33’s recognizable roller style by the duo’s finest production and sound. This one is a real highlight of the EP and takes off really quickly, while preparing you to hear the rest of the release.

The following two tunes “Abandoned” and “No Choice” are all about showcasing the trademark style and creating a neat groove, it’s not your random couple of tasteless bangers – these two demand some of your actual attention, so that you can appreciate all of the layers and details, the perfect drum section and carefully crafted futuristic basslines. With every listen it just keeps getting better and it’s a rare feature, that only the best frontline neurofunk warriors can deliver.

Release Date: 11 December 2015

Label: Bad Taste Recordings

Catalogue Number: BT045

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